santanaI had the honor of meeting our next guest last year, and I just love her vibrant energy! The inspiring Courtney Santana is an entrepreneur, singer and activist whose huge spirit is making a huge impact on this world.

Courtney’s journey as an activist began after she and her children became victims of domestic violence. After spending almost 4 months living in a local shelter, Courtney decided to return to the shelter that helped her family and give back. Eventually her passion for volunteerism led to an opportunity to help countless men and women!

From a painful past, Courtney ultimately created a platform to assist victims of domestic violence through her foundation Survive2Thrive. Her foundation helps to ensure that men and women who seek shelter due to domestic violence are not turned away. More than that, this foundation aims to educate and empower victims of domestic violence to survivor success.

Courtney has truly thrived as a survivor. What she does to help men and women rebuild and refortify their lives after experiencing domestic violence is truly inspiring!

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 “We have to start changing the language around domestic violence so we can start having some real conversations in a positive way.” Courtney Santana

Show Notes:

  • The importance music and art has in connecting us all
  • Joining together to end Domestic Violence and show support to the survivors
  • Understanding that taking time for yourself to heal from a situation is crucial for success

“I am worthy of so much more in my life.” Courtney Santana

  • Importance of empowering people with the tools and resources to lead a fulfilling life
  • Why you need to get involved with Survive2Thrive!

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“We should be encouraging survivors to use that resourcefulness and power they do have to rebuild their lives” Courtney Santana