jenn-2I have so much respect for our next guest on ‘A Celebration of You’ and am so grateful at the opportunity to share her story! Jenn Kaye is an inspiring woman, facilitator and Master Communicator whose love of language has inspired her life’s work – connecting people with their own authentic voice!

The emphasis Jenn places on being courageous and real is inspiring. She is truly one of the most authentic people I know and I am in awe of the passion she has in helping others find their voice. Most importantly, Jenn is a woman who exudes the word joy in everything she does.

As you listen to Jenn tell her incredible story, you’ll understand exactly why she is a perfect example of living in gratitude. After surviving a head on collision that almost took away her ability to walk, Jenn showed immense courage, determination and will to overcome. How she stood up in the face of adversity is incredibly admirable. Thank you Jenn, for letting us share your story with the world and celebrate you!

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“You don’t have to bring everybody with you; they have to choose their own joy.” – Jenn Kaye

Show Notes:

  • Recognizing that life is a gift and joy is a choice
  • Importance of communication – it can make or break a relationship
  • How a life altering event can positively impact your life’s passions

“Be willing to let the people go who cannot see within themselves that they are enough.” – Jenn Kaye

  • Understanding the differences between communication and languages
  • Celebrating the launch of Jenn’s first online program later this year

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“We need to learn to appreciate what languages other people are speaking.” – Jenn Kaye