Our next guest on ‘A Celebration of You’ is an accomplished author, entrepreneur and breast cancer survivor who has truly been through it all. While I’ve only known Michelle Perzan a short while, it was clear right away that her story was one I wanted to share with you all!

While managing her family and growing career, Michelle was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer. Though in shock, Michelle recognized that at this crucial point in her life, it was important to let go of the reigns and allow God the opportunity to be in control. As she battled and overcame cancer, Michelle never lost her faith.

What I found most inspiring about Michelle’s story is her constant joy and happiness throughout her entire battle. Not only did Michelle never stop fighting, she also never gave up hope and a positive attitude. As Michelle put it best “it’s a choice- why not be happy?

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“The people you need in your inner circle when you’re going through any kind of storm, need to be the people who lift you up” Michelle Perzan

Show Notes:

  • Why we should surround ourselves with people who lift us up and support our goals
  • Significance of being positive in the face of adversity

“I wake up every morning and before I let my feet hit the ground, I thank god for another day” – Michelle Perzan

  • Importance of taking ownership of your own health
  • Recognizing the importance love has in carrying you through challenging times
  • Celebrating Michelle’s book “Strength in My Storm”

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“When you wake up and you’re so busy being thankful and grateful, it’s hard to be negative” – Michelle Perzan