Mikaela Hoover on A Celebration of You with Holly DowlingI am so excited to introduce our guest for today, actress Mikaela Hoover!

Mikaela was introduced to me by my brother, actor David Dastmalchian, after they met on set of their movie, The Belko Experiment.This kindred soul sister of mine is not only a talented actress who has had roles on “Happy Endings”, “How I Met Your Mother”, and “2 Broke Girls”, but is also passionate about helping children around the world. I know you’ll enjoy hearing her discuss what it was to like to film in Columbia and how she wandered off the movie set to head to the jungle and change her life forever.

Mikaela and I also discuss how she has made it her mission to drive social change through social media. She shares her eye-opening experiences as a Persian American, as well as what it was like to wear a hijab during her filming of The Belko Experiment. Both of these experiences have certainly inspired her to see social injustice & take action to stand up for what she stands for.

Enjoy Mikaela’s amazing episode, and don’t forget to see The Belko Experiment, in theaters now!

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“Trust that inner voice. Trust yourself and who you are.” – Mikaela Hoover

Show Notes:

  • Filming “The Belko Experiment”
  • Volunteering at an Orphanage in Columbia
  • Social Media for Social Change

“I believe that social media should be used for social change. I think that’s the reason that we have social media.” – Mikaela Hoover

  • What It’s Like to Wear a Hijab
  • Being Persian and Muslim in Today’s World
  • Advice to 21-Year Old Self

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“Fear and ignorance are two of the scariest combinations.” – Mikaela Hoover