Dr. Nancy O'Reilly on "A Celebration of You" with Holly DowlingToday, I am thrilled to feature international philanthropist and women’s empowerment trailblazer Dr. Nancy O’Reilly on “A Celebration of You!” Not only is Nancy the founder of the nonproft, Women Connect4Good, Inc., but she is also co-author of the book Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life & a frequent contributor to several high-traffic national blogs, including taketheleadwomen, psychcentral, and mariashriver.


While Nancy grew up a tomboy who hung out with all the guys, you’ll hear how some pivotal moments in her life made her realize her calling to empower women around the world. Particularly, you’ll hear how her decision to pursue her doctorate with a growing family garnered her pushback from other women that only furthered strengthened her commitment to both her career and women’s empowerment.You’ll also hear what Nancy thinks is consistently missing when women interact with other women, and why she thinks women need to stop being afraid to ask others for help.

I know you’ll appreciate Nancy’s lively, comedic personality combined with her commitment to supporting women around the world!
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“For some reason, girls were in the background, and boys were in the forefront, and for me, that really didn’t fit well.” – Dr. Nancy O’Reilly

Show Notes:

  • What Nancy is most Proud of
  • Growing Up as a Tomboy
  • How Empowering Women Became Nancy’s Legacy
  • Why Women Need to Support Each Other

“Women that don’t take no for an answer can get anything done.” – Dr. Nancy O’Reilly

  • The Positives of the “Old Boys Club”
  • Advice to her 25-Year-Old Self
  • Nancy’s Passion for Horses

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“Age is just a number. Remember that.” – Dr. Nancy O’Reilly