Sam Vaghar on A Celebration of You with Holly DowlingAre you passionate about social impact? Is it something you may have wanted to get involved with, but haven’t yet made the jump? My wonderful guest today, Sam Vaghar, would tell you that it’s time to start moving and get involved NOW!

Sam serves as the Executive Director and Co-founder of The Millennium Campus Network (MCN), which cultivates the next generation of social impact leaders on university campuses worldwide with education and training through the Millennium Fellowship and global campaigns. Apart from his time with MCN, Sam also serves as an Advisor to the Executive Director of UN Women, working to promote equality and gender parity for women worldwide.

Listen in as Sam shares how his love of educating and empowering our future leaders has not only inspired the youth in his program, but also named him one of 2012’s “Top 99 most influential foreign policy leaders under the age of 33″ and earned him a meeting with former President Barack Obama. Imagine being a global renowned influencer in your 20’s!

We’ll also discuss how he’s overcome rejection, the best piece of advice he’s ever received, and how this has led to the success of MCN! I know you’ll enjoy hearing from this very motivated, humble, and accomplished young man, who will leave you ready to play an active role in social change!

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“All it takes is one person to believe in you and say ‘Your voice matters.’” – Sam Vaghar

Show Notes:

  • The 2 Books that Changed Sam’s Life
  • What is the Millennium Campus Network (MCN)?
  • Conquering Rejection
  • MCN Success Stories

“The best advice I’ve received in 30 years was actually from a homeless man…Never be afraid to talk to anyone.” – Sam Vaghar

  • The Best Life Advice
  • Visiting The White House & Meeting President Obama
  • Childhood Shaping Adulthood
  • The Male Perspective on Feminism
  • Advice to 20-Year-Old Self

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“It’s so important to get involved, especially when you’re younger, not to wait until you’re 80, 90, 100 to give back, but to do it as soon as possible, and get started right now.” – Sam Vaghar