Lisa Larter on A Celebration of You with Holly DowlingHow are you connecting with your customers? Are you building real-life connections or simply going through the motions to drive profit? My guest today, business strategist & social media maven Lisa Larter, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build meaningful relationships that ultimately drive their bottom-line & lead to engaged, connected customers.

Passionate about “marrying business strategy to social media marketing,” Lisa breaks down the somewhat overwhelming world of our favorite social media channels while sharing some of the best tips for connecting with people online! She also shares how working with Deepak Chopra has really helped shaped how she approaches social media strategy through a P2P (Person to Person) level.

We also dive into the importance of defining moments in our lives and their importance in shaping who we are today. Faced with immense adversity in her childhood, Lisa shares what really pushed her to launch her own business & “never have a job where someone else decided whether I could stay or go.” Rather than be defeated by these moments, Lisa shares how they only drove her further to building her business today.

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“It’s not B2B or B2C, it’s P2P. Social media is about relationships, it’s People to People. And if you focus on connecting and building relationships, you will go alot further than any B2B or B2C strategy.” – Lisa Larter

Show Notes:

  • Marrying Business Strategy to Social Media Marketing
  • Deepak Chopra’s Best Advice
  • People Before Profits
  • What Drove Lisa to Open her Own Business

“I resolved that I would never have a job where someone else decided whether I could stay or go.” – Lisa Larter

  • The Power of our Stories
  • Best Social Media Tips from Lisa Larter
  • Advice for 20-Year-Old Self

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“I am self-sufficient. I wish I had known in my early 20s just how capable I was. If I can inject that into every single one of my nieces and every young woman I come across, I will do that.” – Lisa Larter