RolCof on A Celebration of You with Holly Dowling

“So I took the whole bottle of pills, went back to bed, & hugged my partner. I don’t know what happened after that.”

When did you hit your lowest low? How did you rebound after that moment?

My guest today, RolCof, is a talented artist and musician who has produced over 260 songs across a variety of genres. He’s worked with famed music producers and performed in clubs and theaters worldwide. He’s headlined Barcelona 2016 Gay Pride Main Float with over a million attendees on route, and performed at the 2016 Plaza Universidad Barcelona Gay Pride Main Stage. With his amazing success, you would never guess that RolCof has gone through horrific trauma that left him with little reason to live — resulting in two suicide attempts.

I am honored and deeply touched to feature RolCof and his harrowing story, told for the first time publicly on this podcast. After years of keeping his deep trauma bottled up & secret, RolCof shares what made him finally hit his breaking point and how his family & partner ultimately saved his life. You’ll also hear what happened when he was finally faced with the task of confronting his own emotions, as well as those responsible for such horrific acts.

RolCof’s story is truly difficult to hear, but his ability to rebound from such intense adversity is nothing short of amazing. His bravery and honesty in dealing with such traumatic events is unmatched by anyone I know. I guarantee that you’ll be incredibly inspired by the strength and soul of this amazing artist and human being.


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“And I was too afraid to tell anybody. How do you tell somebody this?” – RolCof

Show Notes:

  • Early Life as a Musician
  • Defining an Artist versus a Musician
  • Diagnosing Depression & PTSD
  • The Stigma Around Sexual Abuse by Family Members

“And I always remember his words, ‘Boy, keep your g–damn mouth shut.’ ” – RolCof

  • The Dangers of Pornography Addiction
  • Stopping the Cycle of Abuse
  • The Process of Forgiveness
  • Feeling the Love in Barcelona

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“As an artist…when you’re free, the energy comes through.” – RolCof