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“This big, 6’4” Marine came in looking downtrodden, and just looked at us and said, ‘My wife says I have to come here…’”

What happens to wounded service men and women once they come home? What options are available to them as they continue to recover from the mental and physical toll of war? My guests this week, Richard & Gary Logan, found their passion in taking care of burn victims in the military. Listen in to find out what they’re doing that’s making a dramatic impact…

Born in the 1950’s as the sons of a Air Force father, Gary and Richard cultivated their close relationship by living in countries around the world and playing music together for many years. After getting married, Richard Logan founded a practice with his wife Jann in San Antonio, and discovered that many of the people needing assistance were injured veterans returning from war. Embarking on a mission to serve these injured veterans, Richard and Jann developed unique therapies for some of our most severely wounded servicemen.

Hearing about Richard’s life-changing work, Gary came to visit Richard’s practice in San Antonio with an idea to bring visibility to both the veterans’ stories and his brother’s role in their recovery. Listen in as the Logan Brothers share how this project evolved and how they are working to improve and enrich the lives of our veterans.


The Logan Brothers with Issac Gallegos

The Logan Brothers with Staff Sergeant Issac Gallegos


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My mother called me and said, ‘Richard has gotten himself into working on burn survivors from the Brooke Army Medical Center, survivors from Iraq and Afghanistan, and he’s performing miracles.’ ” – Gary Logan

Show Notes:

  • Growing Up Around the World
  • The Therapeutic Aspects of Massage
  • Making a Difference for Wounded Veterans

The biggest thing you take away from these guys is how lucky you actually are. So be so thankful, so grateful, for everything that you’ve got, and also be grateful for these guys, and more than anything for the attitude that they have. Just the whole idea that ‘Hey, I was just doing my job, and I’d go again in a minute.” – Richard Logan

  • The Origins of Operation Hands On
  • Issac Gallegos & Other Amazing Stories
  • Takeaways from Our Veterans

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There was one very telling phrase that I got from one of the soldiers… ‘I fully expected to possibly get shot, to get blown up, but I didn’t expect to get burned.’ There’s a whole different mindset to that kind of wound, and sadly enough, some of our guys are still dealing with what that does to your mind.” – Richard Logan