Michael Kutcher part 2 on A Celebration of You with Holly Dowling“I went from being in so much pain, and so scared, and not knowing what’s going on laying in my hospital bed, to actually observing myself over my hospital bed. It’s a very bizarre feeling…”

What happens after our life on earth ceases to be? What forces are at work? What’s next?

After being a guest on “A Celebration of You!” this past August, Michael Kutcher and I left so energized by his powerful story of near death experiences that we knew that there was more to be discussed. After mentioning it in his initial episode, I am thrilled to welcome Michael back to dive deeper into his story.

Listen in as we discuss how life’s challenges have shaped Michael’s spirituality and philosophy towards life. Hear what out-of-body experience changed his life forever, as well as his theory for our purpose on earth.

Michael also shares the outstanding advice he would give to his younger self, as well as how age and life experience have transformed his philosophy on life. I know you’ll continue to be inspired, motivated and impacted by Michael’s challenging story and what wisdom he shares from his experiences.

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My thought is… everyone does have a purpose. Everyone does have a beginning, and believe it or not, you have an end. And you have a mission that you have to accomplish. It might be a person you might have to meet and influence their life. But you don’t know what that mission is.” – Michael Kutcher

Show Notes:

  • A Glimpse of Heaven
  • An Out of Body Experience
  • Theory behind the Yellow Brick Road

When you’re on that yellow brick road, you’re on the path. You’re on the path to your ultimate destination. But along the way there’s little streets, there’s little avenues, and these little avenues and detours are life lessons. You may have a lot, you may only have a few. But when you detour and you learn that life lesson, that lesson is supposed to direct you back to the yellow brick road.” – Michael Kutcher

  • Things Happen for a Reason
  • “You Do You!”
  • Advice for 20-Something Self

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Love yourself. It’s okay to be you.” – Michael Kutcher