Nikki Bagby on A Celebration of You with Holly Dowling“I was that little girl. I was that child that struggled and didn’t have anybody sometimes to just come over and say, ‘You know what, it’s ok, and we’re going to make it through this together.’ “

My guest this week, the amazing Nikki Bagby, is a beautiful soul who is truly an “angel on assignment!” Her commitment to serving those less fortunate through both her job and her personal time is truly inspiring, and I am absolutely honored to feature her impactful story on the show.

A lifelong Philadelphia resident, Nikki opens our time together sharing how her early childhood and teenage years may have proved challenging, but did not dictate how her life would turn out! She shares what commitment she and her husband made in their youth, and how that has manifested over their long, successful relationship together. She also shares what special nickname he gave her and how her need to help others has made her well-known in her local neighborhood as “The Pied Piper”.

Nikki also dives into how her job has put her in the perfect position to help those in her neighborhood and what recent causes she has been supporting. We close our time discussing her advice for those looking to give back this holiday season and where YOU can start. if you wonder when or how you can give back, prepare to be inspired forever when you hear how my guest gives selflessly to help others!

I know you’ll be inspired, motivated, and full of joy once you’ve listened to the wonderful Nikki Bagby!

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“I always wanted to find ways to help others.” – Nikki Bagby

Show Notes:

  • Positive Mindset
  • Ms. Save the Children
  • A Coat Miracle

“It doesn’t matter what your economic status is, there is always someone that needs someone to encourage them, to give them a kind word, to give them a helping hand, or just stand beside them when they are going through a very difficult time.” – Nikki Bagby

  • One Child becomes One Hundred
  • Start Helping at Home
  • Advice for 20-Year-Old Self

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“Continuously believe in yourself, continuously know your self worth, and always be true to you.” – Nikki Bagby