Deirdre Breakenridge on A Celebration of You with Holly Dowling

Accept me and love me for who I am.”
My amazing guest this week, Deirdre Breakenridge, is an author, educator, and PR powerhouse who is living her abundant life and staying true to her authentic self! From the moment we met, we had an instant connection, and I am so thrilled to share her passion for social media and her commitment to education, despite her unbelievable challenges.
Kicking off our time together, she shares her passion for educating others on social media and the unique ways she uses some of our favorite social networks. We discuss her evolution in the PR world and how an opportunity with a HUGE organization led her to an unbelievable gig in New York City.
Deirdre also shares how an undiagnosed illness during a busy time in her life made her shift her perspective on something we do everyday. She discusses the importance of following the beneficial rules you set for yourself and the importance of being present. We also share similar stories of our children teaching us a key lesson, and how it’s impacted our lives for the better.
I am thrilled to share her amazing story and know that it will inspire you to stop, slow down, and reflect on so many things in your life.
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“For me, social media is all about being an educator and a mentor.” – Deirdre Breakenridge

Show Notes:

  • Passion for Education
  • Working with NASDAQ
  • An Undetected Disease

“Be who you are, be good to yourself, because if you’re not, you really can’t be good to anybody.” – Deirdre Breakenridge

  • Don’t Forget the Mini Moments
  • Pitfalls of “Perfection”
  • Advice for 25 Year Old Self

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Have courage, you can do it, and you can do it alone. You’re not trapped.” – Deirdre Breakenridge