“I feel like the universe sometimes just opens up for you and you have to grab that opportunity.” ~ Stacey Gualandi

Profound words from my guest this week, Emmy Award-winning television/radio host, correspondent and producer Stacey Gualandi. Stacey has done nearly everything the industry has thrown at her and has had a wild ride getting there!  From covering poignant hard-hitting news stories to hosting a paranormal show where she covered a UFO expedition, her fascinating stories will keep you riveted!

Far from her days at Miami University, Stacey is now a Las Vegas-based producer/reporter and freelances for MTV UK, Crime Watch Daily, E.T., and EXTRA, she is a contributing editor at Deluxe Version Magazine and serves as host  of “The Women’s Eye Radio Show” on iTunes, as well as contributes to the website www.thewomenseye.com.

What catapulted Stacey into the entertainment news industry? Listen to how an experience associated with actress Molly Ringwald sealed her decision to pursue entertainment reporting. Stacey “took the nudge” from this particular opportunity and dove into this right turn of her life with fierce determination.

While Stacey was deeply centered on her career and driven by the entertainment world …. life happened and the universe opened up and made room for a bigger purpose in her journey. Learn what stopped Stacey in her tracks; a powerful shift that re-directed every element of her world. This shift brought Stacey to her knees and forced her to find ways to move forward.

Discover with me how Stacey redefined her life, found her happiness and learn how her strategies in the entertainment industry opened up a new road to the next chapter of her life.

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“Looking back at that moment in my life, I had a long run and it all came crashing down.” ~ Stacey Gualandi

Show Notes:

  • Life changing news
  • Redefine your life
  • Passionate ways to be happy daily

“My whole life was wrapped around what I did for a living. You just want to be happy in what you are doing.” ~ Stacey Gualandi

  • Happiness and the entertainment industry
  • Redirecting celebrity toward passionate outlets
  • www.thewomenseye.com

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“You just want to be happy in what you are doing.” ~ Stacey Gualandi