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Holly Dowling has been capturing the energy and spirit of live events and transcending them into engaging virtual keynotes and virtual events for years! So much has been said and written about the unprecedented times we are experiencing, yet we do not have a compelling vision for our “new normal.” And if you were organizing an event or conference for your company, what was going to be normal … might now be obsolete. If you do not know how to continue, contact us today to discuss virtual keynotes and virtual event experiences which are customized on all Holly’s signature topics including her new most requested topic, “Extraordinary Pivot

Int. Virtual Summit – The Internet: Are Children In Charge?

Parents, caregivers, and professional allies are trying to find ways to protect children online. Learn the why, the how, and the hope.

144 Cherri Lindquist ~ “Your attitude really sets the bar for how you are going to deal with it.”

“We had the outstanding pleasure of having Holly Dowling as a speaker at our International Summit To End Internet Child Exploitation in Canada, November 2019. Holly was received with great enthusiasm. Her presentation brought the entire summit together. The summit was based on my Theory of Digital Supervision comprised of three parts – awareness, method, and hope. For such a difficult topic, she brought smiles and hope to everyone – we can protect our children online, and we must. Thank you Holly Dowling – you are a light in the world, particularly for such a serious topic. We love you and your warm message given to everyone.”

– Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Founder and Chair,Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet

“At Cisco, we are focusing on the power of teams and one of the qualities of the “best teams” is having the ability to use your strengths daily.  Holly has a powerful and engaging way of helping people identify their strengths, but more importantly owning it for their development and the growth of their respective team/company.  Several members of the team followed up after the session to express how important it made them feel and to thank us for having the courage to do something we hadn’t done before.  Holly’s positive impact has made such an impression at Cisco Federal.”

– Shannon Leininger | Operations Director | Cisco

“With zeal and passion, Holly captures the important truth that leaders need to grow individual strengths to maximize performance. Her appeal to leaders to recognize and honor universal human motivational needs puts powerful tools in the hands of leaders of all maturity. Today’s leaders cannot afford to neglect the wisdom of this wonderful speaker! What’s more? Holly is genuinely motivated by love for others! She is simply one not to miss.”

– Angela Tyczkowski, General Counsel, Marco Technologies, LLC

“After the Extraordinary Leader program, my leadership team is forever changed for the better. We are stronger as individuals because we know our strengths in a new way that will allow us to execute on them, as well as navigate what we dread. We will show up as leaders who have a better understanding of our teams, that care about our teams, and pay attention to what they need. I believe we successfully began to transform our organization after one day with Holly to realize the strengths of ourselves and others and make SLED East the destination.”

– Shannon Leininger | Area Vice President US SLED East Sales

“I personally developed a wonderful relationship with my mentor, Valerie Schlothauer, who was so proactive in scheduling monthly check-in calls to help clarify my career path with clear actionable items. I have also made friends within my power circle who have called me to partner on for new deals. The WE experience has inspired me to grow my internal relationships and focus on what’s important at work and at home. Moreover, being a participant in the program I’m sure helped to gain my promotion
from a BRM to a Senior BRM.”

– Gladys S. Preciado | Senior BRM | Beverly Hills, CA | Wells Fargo

“I had a very positive experience with the Women’s Enrichment Group. I was able to communicate and bounce ideas back and forth with really strong women in the company who I would never had a chance to speak to otherwise. The experience presented to light how I can avoid taking part of any type of discrimination as well as to avoid being a victim and to speak up for myself and for others . I am very blessed to have been a participant in last year’s WE group.”

– Faith Villanueva | Commercial Lender | Corona, CA | Wells Fargo

“I recently met Holly and listened to her powerful message, which was not just how to transform my business, but how I could transform my life. She is amazing. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with her!”

– Daniel Serpico, President & CEO FusionStormIntegration Center Video

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