Jennifer Jones on A Celebration of You with Holly DowlingAre you living out your passion, and refusing to give up until you reach your goal? How are you handling the crises or difficulties that get in your way? My guest today, Jennifer Jones, is one of those amazing individuals who has continued to follow her passions despite the setbacks, flourishing as a strategic PR expert, entrepreneur, & advocate for women.

More than 15 years ago, after years of professional success in Public Relations, Jennifer and her business partner, Cynthia, embarked on the task of opening their own company, OUTHOUSE pr. Planning to start their business in New York City right around September 11, 2001, Jennifer shares what it was like trying to open a new business “at probably one of the worst times in the history of the world” and how this date further impacted their meaningful 10 year anniversary project that would shape their business & change their lives forever.

Following this life-changing project, Jennifer felt the nudge to start something new that allowed her to live out another one of her greatest passions: helping women share their stories & make an impact on people around the world. Hear how Jennifer & Cynthia realized the need to start their platform, Women You Should Know, to provide visibility to rising women around the world & “talk about women the way that they deserve to be spoken about”. You’ll hear how some challenges along the way made things difficult to get their platform up and running, but by being patient and determined they created a flourishing platform that inspired them to launch a sister site this year, Women You Should Fund.

I am thrilled to share Jennifer’s story as it shows just how determination & tenacity can truly make the difference in pursuit of you passions! Enjoy!

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“One thing that would always happen is that.. I would always meet someone or Cynthia [my business partner] would meet someone, a woman, and we would say, ‘How is it possible that we do not know what this woman is doing? Everybody needs to know her story… Why is she not being talked about by the media?’ ” – Jennifer Jones

Show Notes:

  • From the World of PR to Entrepreneurship
  • Moving Forward from 9/11
  • The Origins of Women You Should Know
  • A 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

“You have to be able to pivot when you’re an entrepreneur because you never know when you are going to get sidetracked. And you can’t predict anything… there’s so many things that can get you off track. It’s how you navigate whatever puts itself in front of you and how you get to the other side that ultimately matters.” – Jennifer Jones

  • Launching Women You Should Fund
  • The Key to Entrepreneurship
  • Living with Graves Disease
  • The Importance of Living Out Your Passion

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“Through the work that we do, I don’t think that we’re giving anybody a gift, I think we’re actually the ones that are receiving a gift. Because to be able to amplify someone’s voice, and use their voice and their story to help possibly inspire, motivate, or move someone else, to me, that is the greatest gift in the world. And the fact that I get to do this every single day is an incredible privilege to me.” – Jennifer Jones