The Extraordinary Leader Program

The #1 most requested program has gone viral and taken a worldwide approach to position leaders to know, nurture and embrace. With genuine passion and a gift culminating 20 years of leadership coaching expertise, Holly Dowling delves into the secret sauce of what is driving the powerful successful teams behind companies she continually works with such as Facebook, IBM, Gap, Wells Fargo, Santander Bank, Microsoft, Deloitte, Disney, ESPN, Mercedes, Hilton and many others.

Using the 3 absolutes of EVERY Leader:

  • Understand how they show up as a leader
  • Gain trust among their team
  • Discover the strengths and innate talents that drive their individual and team performance
  • Truly engage themselves and their team in their work

Leaders walk away KNOWING their leadership strengths and how to convey this knowledge to their teams. The ripple effect of just one session is immediate with leaders leading more succinctly and dictating their professional AND personal lives with more conviction to live a better life.

The Extraordinary Leader is a highly interactive session which can be customized into a 90 minute keynote, a full day session, or a 9 month experience

The Extraordinary Leader Program


Kara Bullock, Director of Corporate Communications | Cox Enterprises

The Extraordinary Leader workshop approaches leadership from the inside out. By creating strong, happy leaders first the program pushes you to be the best version of yourself before you learn how to connect with your team. Holly then gives leaders the tools to better understand your team’s strengths, their style and how you build a relationship with each person to get the best results for the employee and the company.”

Jeff Gau, CEO | Marco Technologies, LLC

“We recently hosted our Leadership Conference that involved managers at multiple levels from all functional areas of our business – sales, service, operations and finance. It’s hard to appeal to this entire group, but Holly delivered content that resonated well for everyone.”

Shannon Leininger, Area Vice President | US SLED East Sales

“After the Extraordinary Leader program, my leadership team is forever changed for the better. We are stronger as individuals because we know our strengths in a new way that will allow us to execute on them, as well as navigate what we dread. We will show up as leaders who have a better understanding of our teams, that care about our teams, and pay attention to what they need. I believe we successfully began to transform our organization after one day with Holly to realize the strengths of ourselves and others and make SLED East the destination.”

Angela Tyczkowski, General Counsel | Marco Technologies, LLC

“With zeal and passion, Holly captures the important truth that leaders need to grow individual strengths to maximize performance. Her appeal to leaders to recognize and honor universal human motivational needs puts powerful tools in the hands of leaders of all maturity. Today’s leaders cannot afford to neglect the wisdom of this wonderful speaker and the Extraordinary Leader program! What’s more? Holly is genuinely motivated by love for others! She is simply one not to miss.”

Scott Aaron | Cisco

The impact from The Extraordinary Leader training has been immediate with my team. My approach has changed as I’m now more focused on their strengths and asking more What and How questions vs. Why. The impact hasn’t just been at work. The last few weeks, I’ve used the Powerful questions at home with my young boys and they’ve been more engaged at the dinner table than ever before! Happy Dad for sure.

Daniel Serpico, President & CEO | FusionStormIntegration Center Video

I recently met Holly and listened to her powerful message, which was not just how to transform my business, but how I could transform my life. She is amazing. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with her!

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