The Soul of Leadership

Keynote of 1-Day Program

The Soul of Leadership is an interactive program designed to empower high-performing and high-potential managers to take ownership of their leadership style. Through a series of exercises in self-reflection, strengths-based leadership, praise & recognition, and accountability, participants are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and courage to own their voice and bring out the best of their teams

Areas of focus within the program:

  • Defining what success looks like for each participant & their team.
  • Revealing the tips and tools to optimize team performance.
  • Leveraging individual & team strengths to stay professionally energized.
  • Hearing firsthand the experiences of company leaders and fellow managers in overcoming challenges.
  • Sharing inspiration to lead with charisma and integrity

Participants will leave this program energized by who they are, how they lead, and what unique strengths they bring to their team and organization.

“Holly inspired the team to look beyond their everyday busyness and reflect on their larger vision – something our managers often do not have the luxury of doing. Team members put her advice into immediate practice and the results have been phenomenal! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Holly and look forward to our company holding a future iteration of this program soon.”

– Senior Manager, Fortune 500 Consulting Company

For more information on ​The Soul of Leadership & ​Holly Dowling’s additional offerings, please contact ​Kerri Neugebauer through the contact form here.